About This Book Blog

[UPDATE 2017: I have decided to reduce my blogging time for the sake of reading time, and plan to work on a book of my own as well. So I may not have new blog posts lately, but I will continue to update my current read on the main page.]

This is meant to be a place where I can record my daily thoughts and favorite lines from the text of the book I am currently reading–in a format of my own choosing. Coming into this, I was tracking my books and my thoughts about them in multiple places: Goodreads, Facebook, my local library’s website, and my main blog, QWERTYness. This site is meant to consolidate my thoughts primarily into one place, though I will still update Goodreads occasionally.

My posts will vary in type, with daily posts on some books, and reviews, recaps, or other writings after I’ve finished others. The daily posts will work like this: Each new book will be a new post on the day I start reading the book. I will update each post daily, so you will not see a new post each day. The pages I review will be in same order from their appearance in the book, as my most recent additional writing will always be at the bottom of each post. At first, there may be several posts that will be out of the order in which I  read them, because they will be carried over from their previous location, a page within QWERTYness.

Follow along if you wish. There WILL be spoilers, so it’s best if you have already read my books, don’t plan to do so, or simply don’t mind knowing what to expect.

Your comments are very welcome! I would love to have book discussions on any relevant topic.

Thanks for stopping by!