What I’m Reading: Lately, Currently, and Next


Last Finished:

Room, Emma Donoghue


Herbert Hoover: A Public Life, David Burner

Next up:

Native Son, Richard Wright


My reading rotation, with my current category in bold and my last completed from each category in blue:

  1. Next item from my book list, 52 Great Books to Read from the New York Public Library, Lynn Gordon , Chronicle Books, 1998.
    (The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald)
  2. Item suggested by and/or owned by my wife.
    (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling)
  3. Suggestion from my local library, or its latest annual community-wide One Read selection.
    (Killers of the Flower Moon, David Grann)
  4. My personal choice, which may be from any of the other categories or something entirely different.
    (Taft 2012, Jason Heller)
  5. A biography of one of the US presidents.
    (Calvin Coolidge: The Quiet President, Donald R. McCoy)
  6.  Suggestion from a friend or family member.
    (Room, Emma Donoghue)
  • Wild Card–a title that was an impulse or recommendation and moved ahead of my next book already in the queue.
    (41: A Portrait of My Father, George W. Bush)
  • I am also reading one presidential biography in between each category.
    (The Harding Era: Warren G. Harding and His Administration, Robert K. Murray)



My collection as it was recently. Owned presidents currently are: 1Washington, 2Adams, 3Jefferson, 4Madison, 5Monroe, 6Adams, 7Jackson, 8Van Buren, 9Harrison, 10Tyler, 11Polk, 12Taylor, 13Fillmore, 14Pierce, 15Buchanan, 16Lincoln, 17Johnson, 18Grant, 19Hayes, 20Garfield, 21Arthur, 22Cleveland, 23Harrison, 24Cleveland, 25McKinley, 26Roosevelt, 27Taft, 28Wilson, 29Harding, 30Coolidge, 31Hoover, 32Roosevelt, 33Truman, 34Eisenhower, 35Kennedy, 37Nixon, 40Reagan, 41Bush, and 42Clinton.

36 (Johnson) and 38 (Ford) are the only deceased presidents for whom I do not yet have a biography of any kind, although both are on my Christmas list for 2018. For the living presidents, I have not made a real effort to own one, as their entire life story is still being written. For the most recent presidents, I believe it will take some time before we see a fair assessment of their administrations, and of their lives as a whole. For the record, the living presidents are: 39 (Carter), 42 (Clinton), 43 (Bush), 44 (Obama) and 45 (Trump).